Fogging Systems

Aero Mist Fogging Systems are designed to accentuate your water feature by adding a unique aesthetic and cooling experience to your landscaping. Aero Mist has developed specially designed fog risers, fogging kits, and fog mist cooling systems that make it easy to transform your backyard into your own tropical oasis.

Combined with our 1000 PSI pumps, these risers come with triple or single head adapters that allow you to manage the density of the fog and the memory tubing inserts allow you to direct the spray for ultimate control.

Aero Mist fogging systems are easy to install kits that use our high pressure compression fittings and flexible nylon tubing to add risers wherever you’d like. Simply connect the nylon tubing to each riser and in no time your backyard will give you the fog effect that will set your water feature apart from others.