Scale X2 10" Cartridge

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Quick Overview: The SCLX2-1 is a 10” Drop-In cartridge that utilizes ScaleX2®, a chemical-free scale inhibition technology that
utilizes Template-Induced Crystallization to effectively inhibit the formation of calcium-carbonate scale. This cartridge is ideal for applications requiring up to 1-1/2 gpm flow. In most cases the cartridge will perform for one-year between filter changes.

· ScaleX2® achieved a 99.6% effectiveness rating when tested by an independent laboratory against the international protocol for scale prevention.
· Reduces maintenance frequency and cost, and extends equipment life.
· Protects boilers, steam generators and coffee equipment against the formation and accumulation of calcium carbonate scale.
· Generates less waste, only the drop-in cartridge is replaced. No discarding of metal or plastic quick-change filters.
· Replacement cartridge cost per gallon is much less than proprietary quick-change filters.