Nylon Misting Kits

Nylon Misting Kits

Which type of pump would you like?  We have two types for our copper systems:  open direct drive, enclosed direct drive.

Open Direct Drive pumps are the most cost-effective 1000psi pump we offer. They offer the same performance for a cheaper cost while maintaining maximum misting and performance. Open Direct Drive pumps are usually placed far away from the patio such as near pool equipment, side of the house, etc. Without a metal housing installed, the open direct drive pumps have easy access for seasonal maintence, winterization, and troubleshooting. 

Enclosed Direct Drive pumps include an enclosed and insulated metal cover with a built-in fan for efficient cooling. Enclosed Direct Drive pumps are quieter than standard open style direct drive pumps and provides a sleeker and cleaner look. 


DIRECT DRIVE (CLICK HERE)                                     ENCLOSED DIRECT DRIVE (CLICK HERE)                                   

 Direct Drive Misting Pump 1.0 GPM 120 Volt                    Totally Enclosed Direct Drive Misting Pump 1.0 GPM