96 FT S.S. 1000 PSI Misting System w/ Enclosed Pump

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Quick Overview:

This kit includes:  1000 PSI enclosed direct drive pump, 5 micron and 1 micron filter element, 24" nozzle spacing, 3/8" OD stainless steel mist line and blank line, high pressure black nylon feed line, Stainless Steel compression fittings, Stainless Steel anti drip nozzles, and clamp kits.

Benefits of Scale Filter (sku:  57011X)
The Scale filter effectively inhibits the formation of calcium-carbonate scale to keep your nozzles cleaner longer.  The scale filter replaces the standard 1 micron filter on your pump; minimize nozzle maintenance; enjoy your misting system hassle free.

Benefits of LP Switch (sku:  66400K)  
The low pressure switch protects your 1000 psi pump from damage if the water supply is accidentally turned off.  The switch prevents the pump from turning on which saves the pump from over-heating and damaging the internal seals.


Kit Contents:

1 60100KH Enclosed Misting Pump 1000 PSI 1.0 GPM
1 56401-BLK Black Nylon Tubing 50 FT Roll
12 51024-8-P 8 FT 24" Spacing Prefabricated Mist Line
1 51375-8 8 FT Stainless Steel Tubing 3/8" OD
48 51432 Stainless Steel Anti Drip Series Nozzle .008
12 55001 Stainless Steel Union
3 55002 Stainless Steel Elbow
1 55004 Stainless Steel Cap
58 56377 Stainless Steel Clamp
58 52602 Screw
58 52603 Plastic Anchor