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1/2" PVC 40 Nozzle DIY Misting Kit


1/2" PVC 60 Nozzle DIY Misting Kit

1/2" PVC 50 Nozzle DIY Misting Kit

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Quick Overview: The PVC misting kits include the fittings, nozzles and clamps to cool off your patio, greenhouse or pet areas; you provide the ½” PVC pipe and apply PVC cement. Our kits are expandable and can be connected to a booster pump to enhance your misting experience.
Kit Contents:
5052014Misting Nozzle 10/24 x .014
50524011/2” PVC Coupling without Nozzle
152505-1Calcium Inhibitor Filter
152452-11/2” PVC Hose Adapter
5452451-11/2” PVC Clamp
5452602 Screw
5452603Plastic Anchor