High Pressure 303 SS Anti Drip Misting Nozzle .024 x 10/24

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Quick Overview: Medium atomizing stainless steel nozzles and hand tightens with an O-Ring seal. The nozzle is designed with a ball and spring to stop the flow of mist once the pump is shut off. The nozzle can be disassembled for easy cleaning.
Medium atomizing stainless steel nozzles that can be hand tightened and seal with an O-Ring. These .024/.6mm nozzles are ideal for use in high pressure systems in dry climates, dust control or greenhouses. Typical flow rate is .056 gpm. This nozzle is easily cleanable and provides years of clog free misting. Median droplet size at 1000 psi is 17µ with a 95° spray angle.