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GP Oil Dip Stick

GP Oil Dip Stick

General Pump Oil, 30 Wt. 16 oz.

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Quick Overview: General Pump Industrial Pump Oil - Series 100 General Pump Series 100 is a premium, non-detergent pump oil for enhanced performance. This industrial pump oil lubricant has a naturally high viscosity for constant operation over wide temperature ranges. It is recommended for use in crankcases on systems requiring less than 25 BHP. The use of this General Pump Oil Series 100 industrial oil ensures smooth pump operation and even helps to heighten its life span. It is packaged in a 16 oz. black plastic bottle with a resealable cap. The shape of the bottle makes it easy to hold and pour oil into your pressure washer pump.

General Pump Series 100 Oil, 16 oz. Industrial Grade Specially blended, non-detergent pump oil for General Plunger Pumps. Increases pump life and performance. Series 100, 30 wt. oil is for smaller General Pumps up to size T61B. Available in 16 oz. bottles.