FILTERSORB® SP3 10" Cartridge

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Quick Overview:

The FILTERSORB® SP3 is a 10” Drop-In cartridge that utilizes FILTERSORB® SP3, a chemical-free scale inhibition technology that utilizes Template-Induced Crystallization to effectively inhibit the formation of calcium-carbonate scale. This cartridge is ideal for applications requiring up to 1-1/2 gpm flow. In most cases the cartridge will perform for one-year between filter changes.

When the hard water under goes nucleation in the pressure vessel, the calcium bicarbonate Ca(HCO3)2 is transformed into aragonite form of calcium carbonate CaCO3 crystals. These crystals are formed through decomposition and crystallization process, forming very stable harmless crystals.

· FILTERSORB® SP3 achieved a 99.6% effectiveness rating when tested by an independent laboratory against the international protocol for scale prevention.
· Reduces maintenance frequency and cost, and extends equipment life.
· Protects boilers, steam generators and coffee equipment against the formation and accumulation of calcium carbonate scale.
· Generates less waste, only the drop-in cartridge is replaced. No discarding of metal or plastic quick-change filters.
· Replacement cartridge cost per gallon is much less than proprietary quick-change filters.