Stainless Steel

S.S. Tubing 3/8

S.S. Tubing 3/8" OD Caramel (8' Length)

6' Copper Prefabricated Mist Line 3/8

6' Copper Prefabricated Mist Line 3/8" O.D.

S.S. Tubing 3/8" OD Rust (8' Length)

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51375-8 Rust
Quick Overview: This rigid blank s.s. tubing in our kits is used as the transition from the high pressure nylon tubing to the mist line and for use across columns so the mist does not settle on the columns turning them white from hard water minerals. The rigid tubing will stay straight when the 1000 psi pump is running and maintain a professional look to your misting system. The blank tubing can also be bent using a 3/8" Rigid tube bender. This is great for corner pillars instead of using a 90 compression fitting.

8' stainless steel 3/8" O.D. blank feed line in powder coat rust finish.
Hint:  Remove an inch of the powder coating with a pliers from the ends of the tubing before securing the compression fitting 

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